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Hilariously well done

I couldn't stop laughing at this! Not only was the lip-sync virtually perfect, but the voices were top-notch. Loved that 'environment' mini-plot as well.

Definitely a 10 out of 10!

Truly a masterpiece of its kind!

What else can I say after watching such a gem?
In all honesty... I decided to have a look at today's top-rated flash with no real expectations in mind. Despite this, I could never have imagined that, with just two small mouse-clicks, I would end up trasported to a strangely beautiful, apocalyptic world populated by incredible creatures in a lost future.
I do not wish to ruin the fantasic element of surprise you crafted into this movie, so I will simply say that the ending was truly marvellous. What an unexpected turn of events!
I was completely satisfied with this flash in every aspect. I daresay I think it would be impossible not to! The art style was beautiful, the plost well-carried out, the animation smooth and the soundtrack compelling. I can clearly hear your inspiration! Definitely a perfect choice for this creation.
Finally, I feel I should commend you for the many, many long hours of determination and hard work which so obviously shaped this flash. 38-hour shifts! You are one dedicated artist, and I assure you that every second pays off.
This movie was truly an unforgettable experience for me... and that's saying something. It's only fit to thank you for submitting this!
Truly, an incredible job! I wish you the best of luck in your future projects!!

What else can I say?

Dude, this was kicking rad!!

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Amazing remix!

You did a fantastic job with this arrangement, Karaventus. Not only did you keep the essential melody and rhythms, but the minimal retouching keeps the gorgeous theme we know and love clear and familiar.
My only complaint is the quick cutoff at the end. I understand that game music tends to do the same if not continuously looped, and perhaps that was your intent. If not, however, I would suggest adding a sustained last note or a different ending in respect to the actual game. In all honesty, however, your current arrangement works wonderfully as is!
Congratulations on a stunning job well done. Definitely a fave for me!

Simply fantastic!

I have always adored this song, and my friend, you just made it sound twice as good! The untouched melody line works beautifully, and forms a perfect sync with the percussion. Plus, I love the synthesized effects you arranged in-- they really add flair to the song.
Overall, a gorgeous remix of a videogame classic. You do this game proud.

XJMatt responds:

thanks so much :), i apologise this has taken me like...an age to reply lol.

to this day i still adore klonoa with fondness and i'm glad i did it justice :)

Gorgeous--it blew me away

I stumbled across this song purely by accident, and immediately fell in love with it. The steady percussion is fantastically arranged and really carries the song, while the resonant choir vocals are a hauntingly beautiful addition. The main brass melody is neither too loud nor too soft, working in perfect harmony with the pizzicato strings to create a satifyingly ambient refrain.
My only complaint is the quick cutoff at the song's end. It may work for creating a perfect loop, but hurts the song when listened to as a single track. I suggest you add an echo to the final note or a like effect to clean it up. Otherwise, this is one marvellous piece of music!
Keep up these amazing compositions, DJ-Rec0il! I'll be listening!

Dj-Rec0il responds:

thanks for the kind words spinningcannon im glad you njoyd it

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